Tree Care Events at Niagara Falls


November 5, 2021

Winter Tree Care Tips

The event is geared towards helping homeowners learn about best practices for winter tree care and how to protect their trees from harsh weather conditions. Attendees will also get tips on how they can keep their property safe during this time of year.

Since there are many different types of trees that grow in various climates, we’ll cover a variety of topics including planting new trees or maintaining existing ones, as well as quick fixes to problem areas such as ice dams and frozen branches. We hope you’ll join us!

January 10, 2021

New Year. New Garden.

We are hosting an educational event at Niagara Falls which will teach people how to properly garden. The event will be held on Saturday, January 10th and you can register for it by clicking here. Our team is made up of experts in gardening who want to share their knowledge with others so that they can enjoy the beauty of a well-groomed yard or garden. This event should be perfect for those who have always wanted to learn more about gardening but never knew where or how to begin!

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