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Niagara Falls Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning in Niagara Falls is an important task that is best done by a professional. Tree pruning and tree trimming can improve your yard’s look, add value to your home, and protect your loved ones and your property.

Professional Tree Care

Our Tree Services in Niagara Falls


Tree Removal

We can quickly, safely, and professionally remove any damaged trees from your property. Our experienced crew has handled hundreds of tree removal jobs. If you need help with tree removal, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Arborist Services

A Niagara Falls arborist can take care of maintaining your trees as well as removing them. It is best to call an arborist for sticky situations such as a tree ready to fall. An arborist has the experience and knowledge to address immediate issues.


Stump griding & Removal

We know how to safely remove or grind a stump on commercial and residential properties. We use the latest, specialized resources and a crew made up of the most experienced pros in this industry.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Don’t take your trees for granted! Trees that are well-cared-for on your property can increase your property value, provide shade, attract birds and other wildlife, and some trees can provide tasty fruit. Trees of every size and species need care and attention. Without proper maintenance, trees can become a nuisance and a threat to your property and your family. 

We are talking about tree trimming and tree pruning in Niagara Falls, an important task that homeowners often overlook. Pruning and trimming aren’t the same things. Tree pruning is when you remove large dead or diseased branches from a tree. Tree trimming is when you cut back overgrowth to allow more sunlight into your yard.

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Niagara Falls is blessed with thousands of beautiful mature trees. However, we all need to take special care of this tremendous resource we share. Start in your yard, and schedule regular tree pruning and trimming with an arborist.

A professional arborist knows where to cut, how to cut, and also knows the best time of year to do it. Tree pruning in Niagara Falls is an important task that is best done by a professional. Tree pruning and tree trimming can improve your yard’s look, add value to your home, and protect your loved ones and your property.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming provides more aesthetic benefits but can also protect your property.

  1. Allow sunlight in: Trimming your tree of overgrowth and smaller branches can allow more sunlight to penetrate your yard or your home. Let the vitamin D flow! More sunlight will benefit your garden and your lawn and will allow you to grow other smaller hedges or bushes on your property.
  2. Improve your view: A tree trim will open up the view from your home or your deck. Trees left untrimmed can quickly cover up your favorite vistas!
  3. Protect your property: Trimming can have the same benefits as regular pruning. Trim your trees to keep branches away from your roof or your windows. Swaying branches can damage your shingles, your siding or break your windows. 

Trimming trees over your parking stall will keep your vehicle cleaner by preventing bird and animal droppings from landing on your car and will keep leaves from covering your vehicle.

Benefits of tree pruning

Tree pruning provides several benefits for your trees and your property.

  1. Improves tree health: Tree pruning can prolong the life of your trees. Removing dead branches prevents decay from spreading to other parts of the tree. If your tree has a disease, pruning can prevent the disease from killing the tree or infecting other trees in your yard.
  2. Protects your property: Dead or dying branches can snap off in a windstorm, damaging your home, your fence, or your car. They can also expectedly fall and injure you or your loved ones. Regular pruning keeps everyone and everything safe. Tree cabling in Niagara Falls can also help keep trees and branches secure.
  3. Improves tree appearance: Pruning allows you to control your tree’s shape, especially if you begin pruning a tree when it is young. You may require tree cabling in Niagara Falls to manage the direction of your tree growth better.

4. Gives you more fruit: If you have apple, pear, or other fruit trees in your yard, pruning in the fall will bear more fruit the following season. Pruning branches means the tree doesn’t have to direct its energy to keep all its branches alive and can instead focus energy on producing fruit.

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